יום שבת, 18 באפריל 2015

Coffee Cup Project

It all started at the garage sale we've been to, and a cute set of colorful coffee cups. It cost only $2 (for five).
here's the set

 we have quite a few cactus and succulents in our yard, and now, during spring, there are many small ones.
so now we need to drill a hole in the cups. all you need is a ceramic drill bit (called "titanium tungsten Drill bit", around $2) and start drilling a hole at each cup.

It goes very fast, and after 10 minuets we had all cups with a drainage hole

No need to be very accurate - no one will see whether the hole is in the middle 

Now, an sand mixture is added (we mix sand, tiny turf and soil)

And the small plants are planted and watered 

and this is at the end of the process, which took us around 30-40 minuets